The most important thing players will take away from the Baseball America Clinics is learning how you need to improve your game in order to play at the next level. All of our camp activities are focused on making you a better player. Listed below are the major activities of the camp:

Orientation Session for High School Baseball Players and Parents

This session is conducted by one of our college baseball coaches and will provide an overview of all camp activities so you know what to expect. He will also discuss, in general terms, how college coaches expect their players to interact with coaches during practices and games so you can follow those rules not only during this camp but in all of your baseball activities.

Position Specific Instruction Sessions

Prior to any baseball activities, the players will be divided into groups and our college coaches will explain and demonstrate the proper mechanics/techniques for the “plays” normally associated with each position. This instruction covers 5 or 6 mechanics for each position.

Hitting Instruction Sessions

Prior to any on field hitting, the coaches will explain and demonstrate good fundamental hitting mechanics and point out flaws they regularly see in high school baseball players. The instruction covers 5 or 6 mechanics.

Each player will receive a written evaluation card, prepared by one of our college coaches based on the player’s on-field batting practice session. This information is available only for the players use and not shared with any other coaches and is meant to help the player identify the areas he needs to improve his game.

Position Specific Clinic Sessions

This is when high school baseball players receive direct instruction from college coaches. There are 13 different sessions: 3 pitching, 2 middle infield, 2 outfield, 2 first base, 2 third base and 2 catching sessions.

In these sessions, our college baseball coaches will review the techniques/mechanics from the morning instruction sessions and then follow up with players actively participating in drills designed to perfect each new skill. Each player will take part in three of these clinic sessions.

Seminar for Parents

While the players are going through their position specific clinic sessions, our lead instructors will conduct a seminar for parents. This seminar will cover such things as NCAA clearinghouse, NCAA player contact guidelines, campus visits (official and unofficial), etiquette for contacting a coach by phone or email, what role players and parents should play in their interaction with college baseball coaches.

Play One Game

Each player will play in one simulated/choreographed game designed to maximize the types of defensive plays, i.e. putting runners on first if necessary to try to see double play or base runners stealing. During the game, the coaches will be coaching in the dugout, roving as instructors on the field or behind home plate.

Playing time is balanced. Each position player and each hitter will get three at bats. Pitchers Only will pitch 2 innings on the mound, 4 batters per inning, and Primary Pitchers will get 1 inning on the mound, 4 batters per inning. Secondary Pitchers will pitch 1 inning on the mound, if space is available or a throw a bullpen session.

The Baseball America Clinics, formerly Top96, give high school baseball players unparalleled access to college coaches for instruction and evaluation.

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