Baseball America Clinics are much more than baseball hitting camps, as we provide expert hitting instruction and evaluation as well as defensive drills and practice.

But everyone knows, if you can hit, coaches will find a spot for you. At all of our events, we dive deep into the fundamentals of hitting, give constructive feedback and connect high school baseball players with cutting edge technology designed to improve their approach and swing.

Reggie Jackson famously said: “A baseball swing is a very finely tuned instrument. It is repetition, and more repetition, then a little more than that.”

Instruction Sessions for Hitters

Hitters will first go through a variety of stations including:

  • Tee Work – Mechanics review and instruction
  • Soft Toss – Mechanics review and drills
  • Short Toss – Situational hitting instruction
  • Demo Bat – Practice swings with Diamond Kinetics infused bats

Like the Hall of Famer said, the goal of all these drills is to take as many cuts as possible in order to be able to repeat the same swing every time. While players get in their hitting work, college coaches are their to give the instruction and feedback.

The college coaches at Baseball America Clinics give high school players the same advice, tips and drills that they give to their own players.

Hitters also take batting practice and get valuable at-bats in simulated games.

During BP, every player gets 8-10 swings and switch hitters get 5 swings from each side. Each player will then receive a written evaluation from one of our college coaches based on the player’s on-field BP session. These evaluations are solely for the players to be able to identify any breakdowns in their swing, so they can correct them.

In the games, every position player will get three at-bats to practice what they’ve learned and show off their skills.

Diamond Kinetics: The Most Complete and Precise Swing Data

Unlike other baseball hitting camps, the Baseball America Clinics arm its players with cutting-edge technology intended to take their game to the next level.

All players swing a bat infused with Diamond Kinetics technology that tracks 11 unique metrics within speed, power, quickness and control. Diamond Kinetics also gives players access to a national database from ages 10 to the major leagues in order to see how they measure up.

With this data-driven knowledge, high school baseball players are able to definitively diagnose their strengths and weaknesses and adjust their swings accordingly.

TheĀ Baseball America Clinics, formerly Top96, give high school baseball players unparalleled access to college coaches for instruction and evaluation.

Register today, get noticed and see how your swing measures up!