Every pitcher probably wishes there were more baseball infielder camps, but they’ll be happy to know that the Baseball America Clinics have their back.

Here are the drills and techniques our college coaches instill to our infielders at all events:

Workout/Evaluation Format for Infielders

All infielders take 5-6 ground balls and then throw to first base. Each player gets every type of ground ball hit at him to evaluate his fundamentals and footwork. For example, ground balls will be at him, up the middle, in the hole and there will even be slow rollers that may require a bare hand.

Infield Mechanics

This session is designed for infielders, at all four positions, and covers mechanics for fielding ground balls and throwing to first base. Our coaching staff believes that this review is vitally important to get each player re-set on his basic mechanics. As players progress to higher levels in baseball, the speed of play quickens dramatically and even tiny flaws in fielding and throwing mechanics can be the difference between a safe and out call

Middle Infield Play

This session is designed for shortstops and second basemen and focuses primarily on the different ways to turn a double play, i.e. depending on which position you are playing, who fielded the ball and what kind of throw it is. It will also cover the proper mechanics for fielding and throwing balls that are up the middle and in the hole.

First Base Play

First baseman will be instructed in holding the runner on base, fielding throws in the dirt, turning the 3-6-3 double play and feeding the ball to the pitch covering.

Third Base Play

Third basemen will be instructed on positioning prior to the pitch, how to field bunts, how to field balls down the line and in the hole and how to receive throws from the outfield.

The Baseball America Clinics, formerly Top96, give high school baseball players unparalleled access to college coaches for instruction and evaluation.

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