Baseball outfielder camps are difficult to find, but rest assured that all the requisite skills are taught and tested at the Baseball America Clinics.

In this day and age, the ability to properly field left, right and center saves runs, wins games and is the latest skill professional general managers are looking for.

At any level, the importance of good defenders in the outfield is undeniable. That’s why we teach the fundamentals by doing.

Before you work out in our outfield drill, our coaches work with you to show the correct mechanics and the basics of how to perform in the drill. Then, you will have the chance to put into practice what they just showed you. After everyone has had the opportunity to workout where they wish, you receive more detailed instruction specific to your position from our college coaches. They will be able to reference what you did earlier to help you take your game to the next level.

Outfield Play

Outfielders will be taught how to field fly balls, i.e. hand position, body position, how to line up throws to bases and how to follow the ball after it is thrown. They will also be taught proper techniques for fielding ground balls including the do or die play and how to play balls in the gap and off the wall.

Outfield Drills

Every outfielder will take 2-3 fly balls to demonstrate their ability to track the ball in the air and close to make the catch. Outfielders will field 2-3 ground balls too, showing college coaches how the can charge the ball, field it cleanly and get it out quickly with the a strong throw. They will also be asked to make throws to third base and home plate to show off their arm strength.

TheĀ Baseball America Clinics, formerly Top96, give high school baseball players unparalleled access to college coaches for instruction and evaluation.

Register today, play your position betterĀ and get noticed by college coaches!