The Baseball America Clinics offer baseball pitching camps for high school players who want to take the mound at the next level.

Like all other positions, our pitchers receive instruction, evaluation and a one-on-one meeting with a college coach.

At all of our events, there are three types of pitchers: Primary Pitcher, Secondary Pitcher and Pitcher Only.

Primary Pitchers get one inning on the mound in the game, facing four batters per inning while Secondary Pitchers will pitch one inning on the mound if space is available or throw a bullpen session.

A Pitcher Only is a player:

  • Whose only position is pitcher
  • Who does not want to be evaluated by college coaches at any defensive position other than pitcher
  • Who does not want to be evaluated by college coaches during batting practice
  • Who does not want to play a defensive position in the game
  • Who does not want to hit in the game

As a Pitcher only, you will not need to attend the “Workout/Evaluation” session on the morning of the first day. You will only need to attend the “Instruction/Clinic” session in the afternoon.

At all Baseball America Clinics, the on-field instructional sessions consist of the following for pitchers:

Pitching Mechanics

College coaches cover all facets of the standard pitching delivery both from the wind-up and the stretch, including but no limited to balance, arm angle, stride direction and length, timing and grips for fastball, curve and change, etc.

Our staff will also work with each player to review his current mechanics and to offers tips for improvement.

Pitcher’s Fielding Practice

Most college coaches believe that Pitcher’s Fielding Practice or PFP is one of the more undervalued areas of a pitcher’s game and that not enough emphasis is placed on it by high school coaches. This session will cover:

  • Pick off moves to 1st and 2nd
  • Fielding bunts (sacrifice and squeeze)
  • Fielding ground balls
  • Covering 1st
  • Throwing to bases

Advanced Pitching Concepts

This session is designed to address the mental aspects of pitching and is taught at the college level, i.e. keeping hitters off balance, pitching to the corners, pitching behind in the count, when to challenge a hitter, pitch selection, etc.

The Baseball America Clinics, formerly Top96, give high school baseball players unparalleled access to college coaches for instruction and evaluation.

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